Is the end of the zombie plague finally in sight? Don't even say it, you might jinx it.



A Very Odd DayEdit

Sam is very excited about the doctor's new formula. Nadia seems more guarded, but does tell you that field trials of the new trans-variant spray have gone well so far, hence today's test; a few unmanned airborne drones will be spraying it over a wider area. It's time to head out for a dry run - you've got to get the formula to the drones before it degrades.

Last Day Of SchoolEdit

You reach the spot where the New Canton runners have left the drone in position and slide in the payload. You overhear Sam asking Nadia if things at her end are a bit weird, to which she responds that they are; the citizens of both townships believe that this may just be the beginning of the end. After a brief discussion of each settlement's antics, Nadia is back to business - onwards, to your next destination.

The Apocalypse Could Be EndingEdit

You slip home another payload and hear an engine rev in the distance; the first drone is setting off, but you still have three more to load up. Sam muses about what you will all do if the apocalypse really is over; Nadia is stumped, but Sam has it all figured out. He's going to find his loved ones if they are still alive, set up a radio station and try to lay claim to the Natural History Museum, then think about having kids. Back in reality some zoms are heading towards you, but Sam is quietly confident that the effects of the first drone will ward them off.

Getting FasterEdit

You hear the drone overhead. It's spraying a weaker dose, but should still eradicate 85% of the zoms. The frivolous mood is darkened slightly as the effects of the spray become clear; the zombies are getting faster, but it's nothing you haven't seen before. Still, probably best to keep running.

Run For That Arms CacheEdit

You're picking up zoms left, right and centre and Sam is starting to panic. He shouts to Amber to fetch the Major - fortunately Jamie turns up to save your skin; he is in your debt after you helped him save Carena. He provides a decoy while you head for the arms cache and Nadia sends her runners in to intercept the two drones that are yet to take off.

Back To BaseEdit

You hear another drone overhead, but you've made it to the arms cache in time. Sam gives you the order to set off the rocket launcher, and success! The drone explodes in mid air. As Nadia schools Sam on double entendres, the Major enters the comms hut and the mood darkens; she is not happy at the wasted ammunition and drone. She orders you back to base - it's time to get to the bottom of this.

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