An eccentric bomb maker has offered Abel his services, and he wants a guinea pig for his experiments. Guess who's been volunteered?



Leave Him A Note?Edit

Jack and Eugene have received a message from Girl Guides who have sent over another set of co-ordinates to investigate; once there you should find the person behind their innovative weaponry. Janine adds that the man's name is Quentin Llewlyn, but Sam becomes uneasy as he remembers Runner 10's warnings about this guy's scientific "method".

Get Out Of ThereEdit

Sam is keen for your visit to Doctor Llewlyn to be as quick as possible, but it turns out he's come to meet you with an undead welcome party.

Stay In One PieceEdit

Quentin is pleased to make your acquaintance as you head towards a barn up ahead for shelter. He's already patched himself in to Sam's frequency and explains that he was testing the theory that zombies are attracted to lasers. Sam and Janine are baffled as to why Quentin was so keep to attract the zombies' attention, so the doctor explains that he's been tagging the undead in order to track their movements in the wild. As you reach the barn, Quentin reassures you that he has a solution to your difficulties, but you'll need to keep jogging to stay limber.

Round OneEdit

Quentin offers you an alternative backpack that apparently contains everything you should require in the field. Sam is aghast at this unfolding situation, but Janine seems to have faith in the doctor. As you head out of the barn, Quentin instructs you to pull the chopsticks out of your backpack and stake them into the ground in a line across the yard. You reach into your bag and pull out the control box; to Sam's amazement, pushing the button causes the chopsticks to explode and take out the first wave of zombies.

It's Not WorkingEdit

Doctor Llewlyn reveals that he took refuge in a Chinese restaurant following the outbreak, which explains penchant for exploding chopsticks and fortune cookie smoke bombs. As a second wave of zombies approaches, Quentin asks for a little favour; in your bag you find the nail gun he uses to implant tracking devices and he wants you to tag some sprinters - he has also been kind enough to pack a dart gun and some anaesthetic, though, so you can't say he's not looking out for your safety. It's just a shame his techniques are more madness than method... Time to run.

No Other ChoiceEdit

As you pick up sprinters left, right and centre, Sam asks Quentin to clarify exactly what kind of doctor he is - turns out he was actually a classics professor at the local university with a penchant for ballistics. As the zombies close in, you're instructed to find an electrically-charged plunger in your bag of wonders that charges to 150,000 volts. It's up to you to take out the rest of the sprinters until Quentin can come up with an idea how to deal with the rest of the swarm.


As the horde closes in, Quentin reveeals his most popular ranged weapon - the exploding sports bra - and even Janine is impressed. You fire them into the crowd and Janine confirms that they have taken out the majority of the zombies, but there are still some crawlers to contend with. No matter, Quentin is prepared for anything; with the push of a button, gun turrets pop out of the ground that will take care of the stragglers. As payment for your efforts, Quentin offers to fill your backpack with exploding sports bras, and you head back to the barn so Janine can continue her negotiations with the good doctor.

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