When chasing down a pair of deadly escapees, you'll have to move fast to make sure you're not the one who gets caught.



Get After ThemEdit

Sam checks in as you jog towards the prison with Esteban. Louise has opened the gates for you, so you can head straight into the canteen. The prisoners seems to be dealing with their new regime pretty well, and Sam believes they will be useful allies - however as he is discussing this, the prison is plunged into darkness. You hear Esteban scream before his headset abruptly cuts out. Runner 8 pops out of nowhere, conveniently carrying a torch, so you, her and Louise head after the kidnappers.

Bonnie And ClydeEdit

Sam spots an unconscious Esteban being carried towards the stables. Louise says that horses were kept in the prison to be used for pet therapy, which explains where the bandits got them back when they highjacked the train and attacked Abel. Louise doesn't agree with Runner 8's initial suspicion that Van Ark is behing the kidnapping - she reveals that there was a wing in the prison where the Warden kept the inmates that even she was afraid of, two of which were Kander and Stain; Britain’s first female serial killing twosome, who she suspects may be behind this.

Horror HouseEdit

Runner 8 suggests sending in reinforcements, but Sam breaks the news that the prison is in chaos; he suspects the Warden released the psychopathic inmates to wreak havoc in a final fit of revenge. Someone called Mary has taken hostages - Louise explains that she was crazy to begin with, but was then left in seg with Kander and Stain who exacerbated things. Sam has contacted New Canton for back up, but you're on your own until they arrive. Louise suspects where the killers are heading; The Horror House of Lake Woods.

They Don't Look ThrilledEdit

The prison is in uproar, but you're not far from your destination. Sam hears hooves, which can only mean one thing; Louise was right about Kander and Stain - they are heading towards their old house. The good news is that Esteban is still alive on the back of Stain's horse; the bad news is that they've spotted you and are heading your way.

Eaten AliveEdit

The killers are catching up with you, but Sam spots a stream that you can wade through to evade them. Runner 8 suggests you split up; she heads off with Louise as you run up stream. Kander is on your tail, but she's had to dismount her horse to pursue you on foot. You hear Louise attempt some reverse psychology on Stain, distracting her for long enough to allow Runner 8 to climb a tree and fling herself onto the killer's horse. There's a struggle; Runner 8 is hurt, but manages to snap Stain's neck, which drives Kander into a frenzy.

Safe And WellEdit

Kander toys with you as she stalks you through the woods. Sam questions the reasoning behind providing dangerous criminals with gym equipment. You manage to lure her far enough to allow Runner 8 to take her out by expertly throwing a knife straight into her chest. Esteban confirms that he is safe and well.

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