A mission to rescue missing township runners brings fresh revelations about the zombie plague

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Get Out There Edit

Some of Abel's runners are in trouble. As the most experienced runner you're sent on a rescue mission.

Gaining On Them Edit

Sam and Nadia discuss the implications of Zombie Anomaly Sightings, and how information from the Edda might help to create a cure.

Get Out Of There Now! Edit

Sam's worried about Paula, but Nadia, more focussed on finding Veronica, misses a large pack of Zoms attracted by a pile of corpses. Paula offers to lead the pack away.

The Forbidden City Edit

Sam notices all the bodies were teenage girls and thinks a serial killer might be taking advantage of the apocalypse. Sam still has Veronica's tracker signal, and it's headed towards the Forbidden City: Battenbury.

Low Chance Of Survival Edit

Janine reveals a form of napalm was used to try to contain an early outbreak in Battenbury. The earth and air are now toxic, and Veronica will be fatally poisoned if she's there too long.

No Good Denying The Truth Edit

Janine suggests you find a demolitions expert, but only because you're desperate. She suspects the serial killer is her brother Tom, and feels responsible for his crimes.

Picked Up Some Zoms Edit

Sam fusses over Maxine due to her pregnancy. That's when the demolitions expert, 'The Builder', along with a pack of zoms, finds you.

Taken By A Zombie Edit

Sam's not happy about your new supposed ally pulling a gun on you. The Builder gets an update on the situation from Amelia in a waiting helicopter - there's only one other warm body in the area. Veronica's been taken by a zombie.

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