A routine supply mission doesn't go as planned, causing the New Canton runners to change their plans

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Off You Go Edit

Now Jody's finished the fences at New Canton you can return home to Abel with her and Sam tonight. Before you go Bernard has one last New Canton supply run for you.

Lead Them Away Edit

Jody is not impressed your run is for art supplies. Bernard explains that ex-Dedlocks need to stay occupied. There are a few zoms by the shops so you and Jody draw them off.

On Our Way Edit

Once you're on a private channel Jody lets slip she knows about your potential hypnosis therapy. Suddenly noises come through on the other comms; Bernard and Saeed are in trouble.

Noisemakers Ready Edit

Jody and Sam try to come up with a plan but Bernard and Saeed seem to be giving up. You and Jody turn on your noisemakers as a distraction.

Just Keep Going Edit

You run dangerously close to the zoms around the shop and in the alley to draw them away from Bernard and Saeed.

Before Any More Find Them Edit

The pack following you is becoming a horde. Bernard and Saeed feel guilty about killing zombies. The plan to draw away the zombies in the shop seems to be working.

Taking Up The Offer Edit

Jody manages to lose the pack. As Bernard and Saeed take down the barricades they agree they're not ready to lead themselves, and ask Sam to patch them through to the Ministry.

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