Now the Minister think you're on her side she has a mission for you; help find the rebel base

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Keep A Lady Waiting Edit

On your way out to meet Sigrid for a mission Steve takes you through Abel, telling you to pay no mind to the disgruntled mutterings of Abel's residents as you pass by.

Come Along Edit

Outside the township Steve drops the act and fills you in on the details of the new plan; let Sigrid open the outer lab doors, then you can set up more secure defences. He also warns you Sigrid will try to test your loyalty today, as you try to track down an escapee.

Able To Shake Them Edit

Steve gives you updates on your escapee, Owen, over comms. The hope is he'll lead the way to the rebel base, and the Ministry can quash the rebellion.

Also Escaping Edit

A slight change of plan; Steve suggests you let Owen see you instead of keeping out of sight. Pretending to escape with him will definitely encourage Owen to head to the rebel's base.

Rid Of Them Forever Edit

Owen's so pleased that you're not *really* working with the Ministry he spills the beans immediately. Sigrid's very pleased with your progress so far.

Right To Them Edit

Tom is waiting at the rendezvous point, but he's much less trusting of your motives. Tom runs off, shooting Owen so you can't follow, but Sigrid orders you to leave Owen and give chase.

Keep Running! Edit

Tom heads towards a jetty with a waiting motorboat. Your orders are to stop Tom escaping and bring him in, even if you are being shot at.

Very Good Work Indeed Edit

At the jetty Tom pulls out a grenade, and in your struggle to subdue him pulls the pin. He also allows you to 'take' his jacket, in which you can 'find' Janine's lab keycard to give to Sigrid.

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