Patient 29
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Naomi Alderman

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A Regular Meds Run


Virtuous Circle

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Carry out further investigations



Find the Missing FileEdit

The Doctor's sending you back out to further investigate patient 29. Sam and the Doctor look through the files, stopping to admire one patient in particular. They discover that patient 29's files are missing. This is why the Doctor is sending you out.

Secret MessageEdit

Sam informs you that you're wearing a new piece of tech - a headcam, which allows Sam and the Doctor to see what you see. The Doctor tells you you're heading to the Keeley Centre, because she discovered a secret track on the end of Paula's CD, which she's about to play to you.

Heading To The Keeley CentreEdit

The Doctor plays Paula's secret message. Paula says that most of the staff have been evacuated. She then reveals that she found a researcher burning files on Professor Van Ark's orders. She thinks he was trying to destroy any evidence of the plague being linked to VS-72. Paula then advises that there may be a copy of patient 29's files at the government facility at the Keeley Centre.


You have arrived at the Keeley Centre. The Doctor directs you to the third floor. Sam thinks he may have seen something on the exterior cameras. It looks like a man in dark clothing. Sam is suspicious. The Doctor directs you into one of the offices to check for any important files. The figure Sam had seen has returned, and is signalling to a helicopter.

Professor Van ArkEdit

The helicopter is landing. The Doctor points out the Pandora Haze markings on the side. She points out patient 29's file. His name was Arthur Gurkhan. She asks you to bring it back, and Sam tells you to head out by the back entrance quickly, as you're about to be surrounded. As you're escaping, Doctor Myers identifies the stranger as Professor Van Ark.


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