Abel's gates have been breached, and the raiders will kill to get what they want.



Attention All Abel ResidentsEdit

Runner 3 shouts in a panic for the gates to be opened after the two of you return from a zombie-spray test. Sam and Janine are unimpressed to see that you've been followed by a crowd of heavily armed bad guys. Runner 3 speculates that they used an audio jamming device on your headsets before chasing you in a coach and four, which reminds Sam of tactics used by the gang involved in the train heist. The attackers are shooting, but despite Janine laying down the law, Sam "slips" and "lands" on the switch to raise the gates. You roll under, but the assailants jam then gate open as it's shutting.

Rally The TroopsEdit

Sam tells you that Janine has gone out to rally resistance and locked him in the comms shack. Runner 3 describes the looters causing havoc around Abel when suddenly the leader of the hostiles announces that they won't harm anyone as long as you hand them the anti-zombie spray.

Best Chance We've GotEdit

Jack and Eugene call over to you, outraged by the raiders' antics. Their whimsical commentary is cut short by an announcement from the bandit leader; she has Janine, and if you do not cooperate and give her the zombie spray, she will kill her. Janine fights back, telling her that she is the only one with the passcode to the storage facility, but she is bleeding profusely and sounds woozy. Runner 3 remembers that Maxine left a barrel of formula in her lab, so Sam agrees you should head there straight away - Janine's life depends on it.

Back To The Car ParkEdit

You're in Maxine's lab, but the bandit leader has a gun to Janine's head and it not looking very patient. Runner 3 notes the chaotic atmosphere in the lab, which prompts Sam to let slip that she's been working 20 hour shifts to try and figure out why the spray is toxic to children. Eugene is outraged, but Runner 3 is adamant that despite this revelation, they can't keep keep the formula and let Janine die. Sam agrees, dismayed by the havoc that the looters are wreaking. Eugene carries the barrel in his lap so you can head back to the car park under cover.

Don't Let Them WinEdit

Sam tells you that Jack and Eugene are giving the barrel to the bandits, but since it's so heavy, they'll be needing transport to get it back to wherever their base is. It's your job to grab they keys out of all the jeeps before they can reach them. Just as you're grabbing the final set, the bandit leaders spots you and begins to shoot.

Equicidal MonsterEdit

Sam is relieved after hearing from Nadia that the New Canton runners are a minute away. You hear the bandit leader ordering her people to retreat as she spots your reinforcements. Runner 3 points out that they bandits are heading towards their coach and four, but an incensed Sam orders you to follow them with guns to scare them off.

Another Coach?Edit

Sam and Runner 3 revel in watching the bandits panic under the pressure from New Canton runners. You're almost at the coach and four - luckily Runner 3 has packed a knife to cut the horses' harnesses and set them free. Unfortunately, the bandits have another coach and one of them is rolling the barrel towards it - the New Canton runners are too far away to intercept, so it's up to you to stop her.

Research Papers?Edit

Runner 3 taps out - it's up to you to sprint ahead and catch the bandit. You hurl yourself at her as Runner 3 catches up and threatens her into submission with his superior weaponry. Sam informs you that Maxine's told him that there are research papers missing from her lab, but there are none on the bandit that you've apprehended. Not to worry, the doctor has electronic back ups - time to head back to Abel and clean up the mess.

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