Owen Landis

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Con Te Partiro

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Here Comes The Rain Again








Abel Runner



Owen Landis is the second Runner 6 for Abel since Runner 5 arrived. He was raised by a single mother in Australia. His mother worked hard when Owen was a boy, and she eventually saved up enough money to buy her own sheep farm. Owen believes his mother is safe on the farm, due to the isolated area and electric fences.

Owen is an optimistic, even stopping to appreciate the scenery when running from zombies in (Zombies, Climb!). He bickers constantly with Runner 4, leading Maxine to believe they might fall in love given enough time and push.

Season Two Edit

Owen arrives at Abel Township in season 2. He is kidnapped and put on the rails of the locomotive. Sara plans to leave him there, but Five rescues him in time.

Season Three Edit

Owen pursues Jody to the point of making her uncomfortable. When her mob connections are revealed, he acts betrayed, causing her to yell at him for falling in love with an idealized version of her rather than her real self.

Amelia sets Owen on fire as a distraction while attempting to get away.

Season Four Edit

Owen set some papers on fire and found some different papers a different time

Season Five Edit

Owen has been helping Nadia and Veronica in the lab. When the others escape, he stays behind to help Nadia and Veronica. It's later revealed that he and Nadia are dating. Owen frequently pushes her in her wheelchair so she can go on walks like she used to, something Veronica mentions Nadia loves. Owen also helps produce a heartier strain of barley.

Owen joins in on the plan to get Janine's keycard to Five. Tom shoots Owen in the leg as part of the plan, and Sigrid has Owen taken back to Abel. She threatens to have Nadia shot if Owen tries anything in the future.

When Sigrid leaves for London, Owen tries to reason with an incredibly paranoid Ian. Ian shoots Owen repeatedly while a horrified Nadia looks on, until Steve announces that Owen is dead.

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