Til death do us part loses some of it's meaning in a zombie apocalypse

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

To The Pylon Edit

Runner 4 has dragged you along to meet with Owen and clear out a zombie nest at a manor house near a New Canton outpost.

Etchings Edit

Sam notices the rose petals and candles lining the path. Runner 4 was right to be skeptical; Owen clearly wanted her to come alone for a reason.

Zombie Nest Edit

Sam teases Doctor Lobatse as you navigate the manor house’s gardens. The conversation between Runner 4 and Owen is piped through your headset.

Heading For The House Edit

Sam can’t get in touch with Runner 4 or Owen to warn them about the zombies. You must return to the house and tell them in person.

A Back Way Out Edit

You arrive just in time and barricade the door, but that doesn’t prevent the zoms from crashing through the windows. Owen says he knows a back way out.

Follow Me Edit

A concussion grenade goes off, keeping the zombies at bay as you escape. Your mysterious rescuer requests that you follow him to safety.

In Absentia Edit

Once the zoms are gone, he handcuffs Runner 4 and informs her that she is under arrest for murder, and will be sentenced to death on her return to Abel.

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