Deserted by your friends and surrounded by your enemies, it seems all hope is lost. Only one person strands between you and certain death.



Three DownEdit

Runner 8 has tried to raise Sam on all possible frequencies, but it looks like Van Ark is jamming the signal. She hands you a semi-automatic from the weapons cache to defend yourself. You shoot down three of the zombies before she concludes that you need a better vantage point.

What Was Anyone Before?Edit

The guns have bought you a bit of time. Runner 8 weighs up your best routes for survival before admitting that this the kind of stuff that she lives for. Tactical decision, quick thinking; it's the stuff that makes her feel alive, and she's ashamed to admit that she was a little disappointed at the idea of the zombie war being over.

Dead InsideEdit

You're down to handguns and zombies have cut off the route that Runner 8 was planning to take back to Abel, so you head towards town. She muses about the effect the apocalypse has had on everyone and how it's during times like this that you find out who people really are. She never knew she was so ruthless; she had to kill her husband and children and barely felt it, a choice which left her questioning her own psychology. As you emerge from the trees, you see twenty fast zoms heading for you - it's starting to feel a bit like you're being herded.

Straight SetsEdit

The zombie waves are still coming and Runner 8 thinks that she's figured out where you're being herded - you're heading directly towards Van Ark. She tries to explain that in a way she admires him; his big thinking, his way of making things happen. She believes that if you have a goal, and you really want it, you have to be prepared to do the thing that no one else will do to reach it. She spots a plane coming for you - your last hope is to hide along the treeline.

Fast As You CanEdit

You run through the trees, hoping this will make you harder to spot, but zombies are lurking in the darkness - it's a no go area. You're forced back into the open and prepare for death by hostile machine gun - Runner 8 is ready to go out in a blaze of glory, but the gunfire is not aimed at her. It's Runner 7; he's shooting down zoms and clearing your path back to Abel.


Sam's been waiting up for you. Runner 8 informs him that Runner 7 has taken the plane, but Sam is not bothered, revealing that your mission was not what it initially seemed. After what happened with the spray, Maxine and Paula were initially suspects of foul play until the doctor proved that the formula worked. This indicated sabotage, so the Major set up two groups of runners to independently collect "important intel" to see which one got intercepted. Whoever thought that they were receiving vital equipment would contact Van Ark, meaning one of you is the traitor.

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