Your new knowledge doesn't grant you any power when you, Janine and Runner 4 are forced to run for your lives

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Reach The Bridges In Time Edit

Now the truth about the Minister's been revealed, Janine's recent bout of madness makes sense. Sam's signal is jammed, but Amelia can get through to warn you; The Builder's about to cut off your escape route.

Wish I'd Brought Popcorn Edit

You're not quick enough and the bridges are destroyed, so you need a new way off this island death trap. Looks like Tom got in by using cables partly submerged in the infected lake.

Cover Of Trees Edit

Everyone's made it out safely, so Amelia's work is done and Sam's back on comms. The Minister orders you to surrender, but Janine refuses. The Builder tries to apologise, but for Sam and Janine some things can't be forgiven.

Disused Military Barracks Edit

The Builder's aim leaves much to be desired as you escape and lose the chopper. The Minister's sent more zoms after you, but everyone's exhausted, and Runner 4 suggests you rest in a disused barracks.

One Last Push Edit

There's no power for the electric security system at the barracks, so Runner 4 allows Janine to use her phone battery to open the gates, and you make it to a secure bunker.

No Time To Warn Her Edit

Safely inside the bunker Janine and Runner 4 thank each other. Janine instructs Sam to put Abel on lockdown, but there's a problem; Veronica doesn't know what you now know, and she's getting into the chopper with the Minister and the Builder.

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