You, Paula and Dr Lobatse run into a spot of bother on a quick fun run, but it's nothing you can't handle

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Good Time, Not A Long Time Edit

After two days on plasmapherisis, Paula's coming on a run with you and Dr Lobatse. The pair of them happily recall a recent scar-comparing evening.

Get There Before Dawn Edit

You reach a river where Dr Lobatse begins to describe a similar location in Egypt, imagining the three of you as Red Cross doctors retreiving medicine from an abandoned oil well... or chocolates from a petrol station in the real world.

Crossing The Desert Flats Edit

Paula's enjoying what she believes will be her last adventure. This upsets Sam but both Dr Lobatse and Paula agree there's no point sugar-coating the truth that she's dying.

Take A Weapon Edit

Once inside the petrol station Paula finds a cache of guns in the back room. Suddenly there's a burst of gunfire outside - the owners of the cache, the Exmoor Militia, have found you.

The Only Way Left Edit

The Exmoor Militia give chase on quad bikes, and the trees you're running through aren't slowing them. With minimal options you run towards a herd of zombies.

Head South-South-East Edit

The Militia won't follow you into zom territory. Dr Lobatse and Paula try to convince Sam to accept Paula's death. The Militia are approaching from the north and west - you head southeast to avoid them.

If There's No Other Way Edit

You dispatch the last quad bike by shooting out a tyre. Dr Lobatse stresses that it's strength of will that's got all the survivors this far. Paula requests that when the time comes it's Sam, and not Maxine, who helps her to die.

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