Whether or not you believe in ghosts, something strange is going on in Liddlestone St. Crispin

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Exorcism Edit

You’re being sent under the guise of an exorcist to prevent the residents of an old town from burning the place down and destroying potentially useful botany notes.

Head For The Windmills Edit

Miranda, the town’s lead botanist, introduces you to Ariel, who is organising the burning. She leads you to the first “haunted cottage”.

Get To The Tower Edit

Miranda points out how all these “hauntings” are no more than coincidence. She then becomes distant before yelling something about needing to get to the tower.

I Really Don't Like This Edit

Ariel orders the gates to be opened, allowing the zombies inside. You must head to the tower and save Miranda before zombies or villagers can get her.

Leave The Tower Edit

Miranda throws herself from the window onto the ground below. Janine tells you to get out quickly, before zombies trap you in the tower.

Headed For Abel Edit

Sam asks you to come home, just as Louise enters the comms shack with an emergency. There are hundreds of fast zombies headed straight for Abel.

Trivia Edit

The mission title is, most likely, named after a song by Jonathan Richman

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