Steve's cover is blown, and the Minister leaves Ian in charge of his cruel and unusual punishment

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Heading West Edit

Dr Lobatse has snuck out of Abel to ask for your help with a rescue mission. Sigrid's allowed Ian to dole out Steve's punishment for lying, which involves being pulled behind a motorised chariot through a ruined city.

Base Of The Multi-Storey Carpark Edit

Despite what Sam thinks, Dr Lobatse is doing this because she's a good doctor, and no other reason. Sam directs Dr Lobatse to plant some of Steve's bombs near the base of a multi-storey carpark.

Head West To Be Safe Edit

You're closer now and can hear Ian taunting Steve. The carpark should collapse right in Ian's path, so you'll need to head west for safety.

Untie Steve! Edit

The carpark collapses as expected. What's not expected is the cars full of zoms, which can follow Steve's trail of blood right to him. Ian stops the chariot, giving you a chance to untie Steve.

Get After Ian And Kefilwe Edit

Ian's having trouble starting the chariot again so there's time to release Steve. Unfortunately Ian notices Steve's absence. Dr Lobatse shows herself as a distraction and Ian pulls her into the chariot. You leave Steve for Janine's team to pick up, and chase after Dr Lobatse.

Try To Avoid The Zombies Edit

As Janine takes over the operation Ian taunts you through Dr Lobatse's headset, telling you he'll use it to find out all your secrets.

Keep Chasing Edit

Sam comes onto the comms to tell you to change channel so Ian won't be able to hear for 30 seconds. Ian's heading somewhere he can't use his chariot, so you've just got to keep pace with him.

The Minister's Primary Target Edit

Ian stops and gets out of his chariot, but he's not surrendering. The corpses all around you are actually soldiers, and this is a trap. The headset has been used to find Noah base. Sam can't destroy the base with the artefact inside, but as the Minister's primary target Janine can give herself up so you can escape.

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