Veronica wants you along for a science outing, and confused in you along the way

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Some Samples To Look At Edit

Veronica is not very complimentary about Abel's temporary leader. The mission today almost wouldn't have happened if Ian had his way, but a letter from Sigrid set things straight. There's science to do!

Going Into Battenbury Edit

On the way to your destination Veronica explains why she decided to go with Sigrid, even though she's not really loyal to her. You're headed somewhere Sigrid has expressly forbidden; back to Battenbury.

Actually, Only Four Edit

Nadia checks in to make sure you're both still alive, and tries to persuade Veronica she doesn't have to shoulder her burdens alone. Veronica disagrees. You do need help avoiding some really gross zoms though.

Got To Be Quick Edit

Zombies evaded, Nadia and Veronica swap tales about your lord and master Ian. Suddenly Veronica has a flash of inspiration - head to where the sentient zombies are coming from.

The Building's Coming In! Edit

Owen arrives in the comms shack as you're passing some especially gross zombies. Veronica explains why they, and the virus, are not gross but fascinating. Observations will have to wait as the building you're in is collapsing!

Got The Answer Edit

Now the building's come down the basement level is accessible, and Veronica can see what she's looking for; the room where Sigrid used to put people so they'd become S-type zoms.

Part Of The Cure Edit

Inside the room you scrape off as much of the white stuff growing on the walls as you can, before the building collapses.

Won't Forget This Edit

The stuff you've collected is a fungus, one which also grew in the caves at the White Fingers. Veronica's certain this is at least part of the cure for the zombie virus. She requests that no-one mention this to Sigrid. Veronica wants to make a cure for everyone, not just Sigrid's chosen few.

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