Sam guides Runners 5 and 8 on a mission to follow up some intel he's received about Van Ark's men.



No Sign Of AnyoneEdit

Sam guides you and Runner 8 on a mission to follow up some intel you've received about Van Ark's men transporting audio equipment through a nearby park. Runner 8 is guarded, curious to know why she's been chosen for this mission; Sam tells her she's always had a 'spy vibe'. She deflects by asking how Sam know this isn't another of Van Ark's traps - he says he doesn't, but the cams have got you covered.


Sam laments the eeriness of an empty playground before 8 cuts him off, having heard far off gunfire. Sam confirms that it is Van Ark's soldiers chasing an unknown man. They're running towards you, so you and Runner 8 take cover behind some trees. Sam recognises the man as Ephraim, another Abel traitor. Ephraim begs you for help, telling you that he knows that someone is betraying Abel and that if you don't help him now, you'll never find out who is it.

What Could Go Wrong?Edit

Sam is reluctant to bring Ephraim back to Abel, but Ephraim wants no more from you than to listen to what he has to say. Runner 8 suggests escaping from Van Ark's men via the sewers, which would also allow you to talk with Ephraim away from Abel - a tactic she has apparently used before.

Bleeding OutEdit

You hear shouts and gunshots from afar, but Runner 8 has a few tricks to throw them off your tail. Just as Ephraim begins to talk, he is shot by one of Van Ark's goons. Runner 8 orders you to support Ephraim and keep going to make sure the goons stay on your tail and walk right into her trap. As you escape, you hear a huge explosion behind you.

An Enemy's Enemy Is A FriendEdit

You've lost the soldiers, but instead gained a swarm of zombies. Runner 8 finds another manhole cover through which to escape, but Ephraim is fading fast; in a moment of lucidity, he shouts that Runner 8 will answer to the devil. You manage to pull him free from the swarm and he explains that he betrayed you to save his sister, whom van Ark promised to cure after she got bitten, in return for Ephraim's services. Van Ark's soldiers find you once again - you must carry Ephraim to safety.

He Will Have You AllEdit

Ephraim is too weak to escape the soldiers. Instead he delivers a message: Van Ark is gathering an army of hundreds of fast zoms to march on Abel and New Canton, and that his mole is the one that the Major loves the most. Runner 8 proposes casting Ephraim off in a boat rather than leaving him to die on the ground; a proposal that Sam believes is too kind given his past actions.



No Future

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