The baby's coming and there's no time to lose getting to the hospital, but life is determined to throw every possible obstacle in your way

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Take A Noisemaker Edit

Everyone jumps into action as Maxine goes into labour. You and Jody arrive back in time to deliver Paula's cage. Dr Lobatse has some bad news - the baby might be sick and needs urgent care. Worse news, Mullins is under attack and can't send a helicopter!

Get Her Away From Here Edit

With everyone involved in the birth en-route to the hospital in a van you're running behind to keep zoms away. An explosion flips the car and plans have to change. You and Sam remove Paula from the crash area.

Draw Those Zombies Away Edit

Paula's quickly going grey, and the only way to secure her is to tie her to a tree. Jody can't meet Janine's request for backup as Abel is now under attack, and even worse, zombies are incoming.

Draw Those Zoms Away Too Edit

You take your noisemaker and try to draw the zombies away from everyone else while they do their best to have a family moment. Jody delivers some more bad news - New Canton are under attack too. There'll be no help coming.

Lure Them To The Bridge Edit

You pick up a second pack of zoms and lead them away. Dr Lobatse talks Janine and Maxine through the birth. Paula's barely still with you, and requests your help, so you ditch the zoms in the river and go to her.

This Is Exciting Edit

Paula reminds you and Sam of your promise as Maxine goes into the second stage of labour. More zombies are on their way and you and your noisemaker are needed again. As you head off you're joined by a familiar voice - it's Moonchild.

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