Netrophil is a secret organisation that existed before the apocalypse. They hacked the voicemail of a scientist at the Tavington clinic and made it public on their Twitter account.

In the Fall 2015 Virtual Race, Katie sabotages the race in order to get to the stash of guns hidden in the factory. Jody realizes it's Netrophil.

An elusive figure named "Gerry" runs Netrophil.

Season Three Edit

Professor Downes mentions that Gerald (Gerry) ran the Comansys IT department and then disappeared to found Netrophil.

Season Five Edit

Ian Golightly interrogates a young woman named Nicki, who was one of Jamie's roller guards. It's revealed that she's part of Netrophil. She tells Runner Five how to contact Gerry.

Amelia Spens seems to have been part of Netrophil at some point.

Evan Deaubl returns in Renegade Master to reveal himself as the current Gerry leading Netrophil. He introduces Five and Louise to his two remaining people, Ben and Juliet, who are wearing Easter Island masks. Ben and Juliet sacrifice themselves in an explosion to kill many of Sigrid's soldiers.

After Ben and Juliet's deaths, Evan tells Runner Five that Netrophil has been hiding a Viking artifact that is covered densely in symbols that no one has been able to interpret. Whatever it is, it must be important to Sigrid, because she has killed more than 600 Netrophil agents to find it. Evan plans to use it to complete the work that the very first Gerry (the former IT director at Comansys) started.

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