When Sam said he wanted to put zombies in a museum, this isn't exactly what he meant

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Where Are We Headed? Edit

As you approach the Natural History Museum, Veronica McShell taps into you comms and asks you to swing by.

Shouldn't Have Come Here Edit

You enter the museum to Sam’s poorly-hidden glee and head for the curators’ offices. As you run, the escalators mysteriously activate.

Is Moonchild Here? Edit

Veronica directs you to a packet containing preserved seeds from the very first first calming plants and offers you a new batch of serum.

There She Is Again Edit

As you head towards the water cycle exhibit, Veronica warns you to stay away from a mysterious mind-controlled woman who seems to be following you.

And If It Doesn't Work? Edit

Veronica begs you of all people to understand what’s happened to Iona Evans. Simon suggests putting her out of her misery, but Veronica refuses.

Back In A Jiff Edit

Veronica uses a construction crane to lift you up to the giant blue whale model suspended from the ceiling. You use a pneumatic saw to start cutting the cables.

Exit Through The Gift Shop Edit

The whale drops, pulverizing the horde below as you climb to safety and rewarding you with a safe passage out of the museum, serum in hand.

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