You're under siege, the zoms are closing in, and no amount of stiff upper lips can keep you safe. Abel's sending help, but will it arrive in time?



East Wing, Past The LibraryEdit

Bella and Beatrix lead you back to the house at full pelt - Beatrix shoots a zombie that lunges for Bella as you reach safety before ordering Bella to help Runner 3 block the windows. Jack tries once more to tempt them away from their estate, but again Beatrix refuses. You set off with some boards to join Powell in the kitchen.

Here Comes The CavalryEdit

You hear Eugene's panicked voice crackle in over the comms, but Jack reassures him. Runner 3 on the other hand raises alarm by mentioning the huge swarm of zombies surrounding the house. Amber shouts to Sam for help in devising a plan - he in turn summons Runners 4, 9 and 13.

What Are Lives Without Tradition?Edit

You find Powell struggling to keep back the zombies at the end of the hall, but he manages to board up the kitchen just in time. Eugene checks in on Jack who laughs off the danger. Even Powell tries to persuade Beatrix to leave, but yet again the suggestion is brushed off as she suggests holing up the library.

Who's For Brandy?Edit

Eugene is stunned by Beatrix's stalwart attitude towards the zombies as she suggests barricading the door and settling down in the library. Bella attempts to articulate the gravity of the situation, but is ignored. You help Powell shift a bookcase to block the entrance as Bella again voices her discomfort before being interrupted by her mother once again.

Carry The LadyEdit

Zombies break down one of the barricades. Runner 3 reports to Abel and Beatrix readies herself for battle - Amber says that back up is five minutes away, but she is doubtful that noisemakers will lure zombies out from inside the house. Jack snaps and demands to know why Beatrix refuses to leave the house - finally Powell explains that the family motto states that Britain will not fall while a Ramsay is at Birkmyre. Bella interrupts her mother's dramatic monologue with a blow to the head, and you decide to make a break for it through the priest-hole.

They're Through!Edit

Tensions begin to ease as you near the exit of the priest hole - Beatrix is being carried by Runner 3, who makes a less than gentlemanly remark about her weight. This geniality is short-lived as the priest-hole door shatters and the hoard makes it through.

It's A Long Story...Edit

You escape the tunnel and Powell orders Jack to pull a plank which triggers an avalanche of coal to squash your undead pursuers. You meet Runner 4 and head back to Abel together.


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