Fairgrounds have lost their appeal after the apocalypse, but your visit to this one turns out scarier than expected

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Going To The Circus Edit

It's Paula's first time out after being cured, and she's happy to be useful again. Janine feels responsible for preventing any future kidnappings, so you're off to find some tame zoms, at a circus.

Wearing The T-shirt Edit

You come up on Rowantree Manor - the home of Dr John Dee - and Ellie explains how this connects to her bees clue. There are strange sounds coming from the house, and the Ringmaster comes out to greet you.

Talk Through The Patter Edit

The Ringmaster has mistaken you for actors in his themepark recreation of Abel Township. Janine suggests you go along with things. Too late Sam recognises the ringmaster as a zombie cult leader!

The Tower Of Terror Edit

Sam's both flattered and horrified at this inaccurate homage to Abel. Janine's checked and the ringmaster definitely was a dangerous cult leader. She wants to abort the mission, but Paula wants to stick with it.

Zombie Returned To Life Edit

The Ringmaster takes you on a tour through the spooky attraction, and has something special to show you. Paula has an accident with a sword but the virus helps her heal quickly.

Keep The Crowd Moving Edit

You've finally made it to see 'Dr Necropolis', who's using a potion found in Dr Dee's house to cure zombies. After curing a zom the Ringmaster hurries you and Paula away through different doors.

Paula's Trapped Inside! Edit

Paula's cornered in a labyrinth with the Ringmaster - he's noticed her accelerated healing and wants to use her as a circus act. Separated, you rush to find her again, but get turned around and end up stuck outside!

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