Strap into the Rollercaoster of Emotions. It'll be the ride of your life

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

That Song She Sang... Edit

Maxine suggests researching the song that Moonchild used to test the tannoy system to see if you can get any leads.

Sergeant Ellis Edit

As you climb higher, Sam distracts you from the dizzying heights by recounting another tale from the old Runner 5.

Who Threw That Bottle? Edit

In the shoes of Sergeant Ellis, you run to the nearby university on Janine’s orders. Maxine is trapped inside by zoms.

They Were Old And Doddery Before Edit

You and Maxine heroically save Ellie Maxted, but there’s no time to dawdle. Your only chance is to sprint across a walkway of zombified university dons.

Child Genius Edit

Ellie believes a child genius she used to be friends with would have been useful in the apocalypse; a child genius named Cynthia Hill.

Beginning Of A Beautiful Friendship Edit

To Sam’s annoyance, you head underground to play a game of zombie keepy-uppy.

Pick A Number Edit

After an Ellie/Ellis mix up, Maxine suggests using a number system to address runners.

Any Minute Now Edit

Maxine realises that Ellie’s university song is the same as the one Moonchild sang to test the tannoys.

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