You're charged with escorting Sam on a shopping trip for a very specific type of supply

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Home Before Sunset Edit

You're taking Sam on a trip to pick up a CD of Chinese lullabies for the baby. Seeing as things are a bit quiet at the moment this is fine by Janine.

They're On Your Tail Edit

Sam is getting pre-fatherhood jitters. Janine is more worried about the zombies ahead of you, and asks you to distract them while Sam sneaks into the Cultural Centre.

Back To The Cultural Centre Edit

While you take a small detour to pick up some Swiss Army knives Janine and Sam have a heart-to-heart about their families and childhoods. Unfortunately Sam's attracted some zoms.

Here Goes Nothing... Edit

Janine suggests setting a fire to cut the zombies off. Sam can't bear the thought of destroying the only part of China he still has left, so he makes a run for the front doors.

Not Quite As Planned Edit

You reach Sam just in time for him to save you from a close encounter with a zombie. He and Janine talk about the unfairness of loss.

Time To Get It Right Edit

You've attracted a small pack of zoms now, but Janine has snipers ready and waiting. Just before you get back to Abel, Sam confides in Janine about the days just after the outbreak, and how he lost his parents. He decides to give the CD a listen once you're back home.

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