The past never stays buried for long, especially in a zombie apocalypse

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Routine Is Comforting Edit

Janine is unsettled to be leaving Abel. You’re heading out with her to check out a tip about parts that could potentially repair the machine at the Tavington clinic.

In A World... Edit

Sam pries into Janine’s Covert Ops past, but she remains tight lipped, despite his jovial teasing.

Grass Edit

As Janine begins to enjoy the fresh air out in the field, Sam tells you about a creepy zom that New Canton found with the word “grass” carved into its face.

I Thought You Were Dead Edit

Sam sees a zombified Travis with the word ‘Failure’ carved into his forehead. You hear Janine ask an assailant to put a knife down before her line goes dead.

Mildred Van de Graf Edit

Janine’s captor has taken control of her headset and orders you to stay away. Sam deduces that Janine must be where Archie found her chickens.

Without Her Edit

The kidnapper has tied up Janine near a pen of zombies and is wielding a knife. If you attack directly, he may kill Janine, so it’s up to you to cause a distraction.

Pull The Pin Edit

Sam watches in horror as the kidnapper starts carving something into Janine’s arm. You pull the pin on a grenade and retreat to a safe distance.

A Long Walk Edit

Janine’s kidnapper reveals she abandoned him in an Algerian jail in a previous life. After the apocalypse, he was soon thin enough to squeeze through the bars.

Absent Kidnapper Edit

You free Janine but the previously-penned zombies are on you and the kidnapped has fled the scene. You should probably do the same.

My Brother Edit

Janine explains that her kidnapper is not dangerous to anyone except her unless he is threatened, before finally admitting that he is her brother.

Trivia Edit

The mission is named after a song by Eurythmics

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