You're New Canton Runner 5, and you're a long way from home. There are secrets and lies in the Big Smoke, and you'll need to think fast to survive.



Maybe It's Because I'm A LondonerEdit

You're in London and hear a shout from across the square; you meet Robbie, but your introduction is cut short by the appearance of ten zombies heading your way.

The Sound Of The UndergroundEdit

Robbie compliments your running as you follow him into St Pauls's tube station - their base of operations. He then shuts a grille behind you and lights a fuse before ordering you to get behind the door at the other end of the tunnel, from where you hear the muffled boom of what Robbie calls the 'Zed Shred'. You meet Diana who is eager to put you straight to work.

The Bank JobEdit

Robbie and Diana explain that their team is drilling into the Comansys Technologies vault, where they believe there to be items essential to the survival of the human race. They believe Comansys know something about the outbreak and they want to find out what. Zombies suddenly appear in a stairway; Robbie orders you to grab a Zed Shred and dispose of them.

Building Purge In 10 MinutesEdit

Robbie congratulates you as Diana drills the final hole through the wall. You push the wall down and despite inhaling a lungful of dust, you're in. Robbie hands you a gas mask and you head to the fourth floor together. You hear the Comansys Security system warn you that you have 10 minutes to evacuate the building.

Step Away From The DoorEdit

Robbie and Diana are looking for three little black boxes, which act as primitive bafflers. Diana finds them in a lab and Robbie hands them to you to carry. Suddenly, Diana's tone changes; she coldly demands Robbie to stand back from the glass. His failure to do so leads to his demise. She demands you to hand over the bafflers.

Run, Canton, RunEdit

Diana reveals that she was a Comansys double agent all along who needed to retrieve the vital piece of equipment that you are holding. You kick a table at her and start running as she demands you hand over the bafflers. Her gunshot misses you as you run and she shouts through the tannoy that you will never escape before shutting down the building's auto-purge.

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