You know that one song you just can't get out of your head? It's almost certainly a good idea to try to track down the last known recording of it.



Great Lost ArtifactEdit

Jack and Eugene are arguing in the comms shack. They have a "vitally important" mission, and you need to be fast, because if they're caught doing this they're zombie chow. Eugene raises the gates, and Jack explains that you're going to recover one of the great lost artifacts of civilization.

Greatest BandEdit

Eugene is impressed with your speed, and he and Jack guide you to a self-storage facility. Specifically, you're looking for the container rented to the uberpirate of the music world, and his greatest score. The last, unfinished recording of the greatest band- and there are four zombies after you. The fence in the self-storage area might provide some cover, so run.

Don't Faff AboutEdit

The fence will hold up for a few minutes- unfortunately the same can't be said for the door to the comms shed. Janine breaks it down and angrily confronts Jack and Eugene over their missuse of resources. Eugene tries to take the blame, Jack argues with him, and Janine cuts them off with the intent to bring you home. She changes her mind when she hears what your mission is: the get the last known recording by Gina and the Jumpers. Like Jack, she was a huge fan of the band, and wore black for a month after she died. Now on board with the plan, she hacks into the CCTV in order to track your movements inside the complex.


The CCTV is giving good picture, allowing those in the comms shack to see that you're not alone. There's another living person in there with you, armed with bolt cutters and a disdain for Abel's radio-hosting duo. She intends to get the recording first, but there's no time to argue about that- the zombies are through the fence, and you both need to move.

Danger, Do Not OpenEdit

You arrive at the unit with Lola who is very excited- and disbelieving as to how much of a fan you, or anyone from Abel, could be. Janine attempts to have a trivia-off with her, as she expounds upon her plans to play the song on her own radio station 24/7. She's surprised to find that you have the key to the recording- found in a red box labelled 'DANGER, DO NOT OPEN'. She knocks you over, grabs the recording, and chains the door behind her- but there's an emergency exit, and if you hurry, you'll catch her.

Make It Stop, Gina!Edit

Jack wants to know if you're okay, while Janine urges you to tackle her. She already has the recording in her CD play, and hits play before you can stop her. She can hear Gina singing- but the zoms are closing in and you need to grab Lola and run. Lola says that you're too late- but she also thinks that the CD is still playing, even though it's smashed. The song is in her head- playing too loudly. Lola screams as eight zoms close in on your position- you have to get out of there.


In the comms shack, Eugene and Jack are commenting on the fact that Lola had blood coming out of her ears. Janine can't believe they risked you like that- though, she was sort of enabling. At least you found out that the song could kill people before you got back to Abel- though, as you head back you begin to hear Gina's music, and then the screaming...

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