After a surprising turn of events a change of plan is in order

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Pleasure Edit

Sam realises who you are and tells you to leave him so he can't hurt anyone. Jody's confused by Sam's lack of cough and wants him to come with you to escape an incoming horde. You agree to shoot him if he starts to turn.

Has To Be Fast Edit

Jody asks Sam if he's sure he was bitten and he proves it by showing multiple bite wounds. He wants you to make it quick before he turns. Suddenly Veronica's on comms - she wants to run some tests, and could even save Sam's life!

They're Armed Edit

As you return to Abel, Sam confirms his worries about Veronica's plan with Maxine, and tells her there's something weird about Project Greenshoot. You've also picked up a pack of zoms, along with some humans too.

Better Speed Up Edit

The group of humans starts firing in your direction. Amelia figures that means they're not her militia friends, and you have nothing to bargain with, which makes running away your only option.

Need To Know Edit

Sam remembers he took the security pass from the baby-stealing sentient zom. After Amelia ditches you, you agree to confuse the militia; you'll return to the school for information and meet with Dr Lobatse, while Jody takes Sam back to Abel.

Smells Like Gas Edit

You and Dr Lobatse are heading towards the school when The Builder catches up to you. He's upset about losing the baby, and also Dr Lobatse not responding to his advances. All that has to wait however due to an unfortunate gas leak.

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