You'll need to muster all your courage and derring-do to escape the house of film sets with your prize

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Actually Rivendell Edit

Everyone involved in this mission is very unsure about giving a 'nuclear button' to the Exmoor Militia, but the debate is cut short by approaching guards.

Janine's Cooking Something Up Edit

You lose the guards in a set of Rivendell for a bit. Jody keeps getting locked out of the cams, but Emma's secretly helping out via her comms. As long as you avoid Narnia you'll be safe.

Zombies Behind Us! Edit

Amelia knows more than she's letting on about this place and its owner, Mr Valmont. She aids your escape using an override code that's the time and date of her marriage to Mr Valmont.

Get To The Exit In A Few Edit

With the override code, escaping is now much easier. It turns out Amelia might have some hidden depths after all, not that she's happy with people knowing that.

To The Jeep! Edit

Janine's waiting at the drop point to extract your team after a small distraction involving the Black Pearl. She and Amelia agree a truce regarding past mistakes.

To The Rendezvous Edit

On the way to the Exmoor Militia everyone debates whether or not to hand over the nuclear button. In the end Janine takes matters into her own hands, and requests you head to the rendezvous with her.

Just Say The Word Edit

Janine reveals to Jules that she is in charge, and she knows what's in the box. Jules reveals the Exmoor Militia are the relatives of service personnel on the submarine 'Undaunted', and they want to call them home. Job done: you now have a new ally.

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