A mission to a hidden base uncovers more than the undead. Is it a secret someone will kill to keep?



Our Luck's Finally TurningEdit

After The Horror House of Lake Woods, Sam wants you back in Abel to deal with the traitor situation, but you have to head out to recce an old government facility with Esteban. He assures you he is quite all right after the prison ordeal and thanks you for saving his life, and you head into a Bond villain-esque base with Runner 8. Just as it seems like your luck is finally turning, Esteban turns grey.

He's Getting CloserEdit

You're lost in the underground base; Sam has lost track of your movements after your quick getaway from a zombified Esteban. Runner 8 braces herself for the inevitable as Sam ponders what could have caused Esteban's infection - she seems suspiciously keen to dissuade him from contacting New Canton about this twist of fate.

Do The HonoursEdit

Runner 8 insists that Esteban must have been infected by Kander and Stain. Sam spots an axe that you can use to do the honours; you behead Esteban with a clean, efficient stroke - just the way he would have wanted it. No time to rest, though - a dozen zoms in military uniform are heading your way.

The TraitorEdit

Sam's plan to keep turning left seems to have worked - there's daylight up ahead. As you trap the zoms behind you, Nadia tunes in to deliver a shocking message; after Sam explained what had happened to the lieutenant that was spattered with Van Ark's blood, it was apparent that even though Van Ark hadn't gone grey, his blood was still infectious. The same thing must have happened with Esteban, only this time, the blood belonged to Runner 8. Abel has found its traitor.

A Little Nine Caliber IncentiveEdit

Sam's poorly executed attempt at playing it cool forces Runner 8 into turning off your headsets and addressing the situation. She figured out that you'd been told that she was the traitor and warns you that there are New Canton soldiers on your tail who won't hesitate to shoot you in an attempt to take her down.

End Of The LineEdit

As you escape the New Canton soldiers, Runner 8 turns your mics on once again. You tune in to a furious Sam in your ear; he verbally attacks Runner 8 for the multiple deaths her allegiance with Van Ark has caused, but the Major cuts him off. Runner 8 is surrounded and has no option but to surrender.

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