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An Unimportant Mission



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Listen In To New Canton's Transmission



Project GreenshootEdit

Runner 8 tells Sam she's going to turn off her mic for a few minutes. With the privacy this affords the two of you, she fills you in on Project Greenshoot. There are at least five private armies forming in the aftermath of the outbreak, including the official military, for whom Runner 8 works. Project Greenshoot concerns some high-value asset hidden at Abel, about which Runner 8 knows very little.


Runner 8 discuss Rofflenet, and speculates that Finland, a Rofflenet black-zone, may well be using something faster. Sam interrupts your discussion to warn you of some running zoms. As you and Runner 8 prepare to escape, you hear someone shooting.

24 Hours' NoticeEdit

The shooting has stopped and you've escaped the zoms. You begin to hear Nadia from New Canton: the running zoms have taken down their cameras in your area. Nadia receives a report of you and Runner 8, claiming that you're the ones shooting. Runner 8 asks Sam who's shooting and proposes a peace treaty with New Canton. Nadia, however, calls her Runners back to prepare for a raid on Abel in the next 24 hours.

Runner 38?Edit

Sam tells you to return to base to prepare for New Canton's raid. As he talks, you overhear Nadia. She's excited to see the signal from Lem's headset on her scanners: she believes it's evidence that he's still alive.


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