All they ever wanted was the moon on a stick

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Opposite Of A Problem Edit

Bernard’s transmission cuts into yours, requesting your assistance to rendezvous with Mrs Sosa; New Canton has captured Moonchild.

Lock And Load Edit

Mrs Sosa wants you to help get Moonchild back to their holding facility. Moonchild attempt to defend herself by summoning fast zoms, but New Canton is prepared.

Every Single Person In New Canton Edit

Just as you think you’re safe, Moonchild instructs Bernard to broadcast control tones over the loudspeaker; every single person in New Canton turns to face you.

Dungeons? Edit

Sam realises that there must be some other way that people become susceptible to mind control other than CeretinPlus. You head into the dungeons.

Didn't Do The Trick Edit

Mrs Sosa is keen you rehydrate with some water you picked up from kitchens. After doing so, she pulls a control device out of her bag; she’s turned.

Everyone Edit

Nadia is shocked to hear that everyone in New Canton has succumbed to mind control, and goes into lockdown at the treetop base to avoid the guards.

Can You See That? Edit

Sam spots the metal drums that were missing from the tequila factory; Moonchild has been dosing the water supply.

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