Paula wants to lighten the mood and has a plan for a surprise celebration at Abel - which means you need to find supplies

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Really Going To Have A Party Edit

Paula wants to balance out all the memorial days with a happy celebration. What better to commemorate than the anniversary of finding the Werther's Originals factory?

Keep That Pace Edit

Sam thinks karaoke would be a good idea. 'Unfortunately' the machine you find is damaged. In the absence of karaoke, Paula suggests travelling singers, but you'll need sheet music for that.

Run With It, Literally Edit

Paula gets side tracked down a mildly zombie-infested alley by Hello Kitty snow globes for Maxine, but it gives her an idea; instead of celebrating Werther's Originals, why not celebrate life in general?

And Some Pans Too Edit

Unfortunately the music shop is infested with zoms, some still playing instruments, so you grab what you can. Paula and Sam throw out ideas for the celebration and land on a cooking contest.

Don't Call It That Edit

The celebration still needs a name, but Sam really doesn't want it to be 'Life Day'. The gourmet shop you've entered is clear of zoms, mostly. The heavy pans come in handy for crawlers in the back room.

Little Things Day Edit

Night's drawing in and Paula thinks you have enough to start preparations now. She and Sam agree the day shouldn't be something massive, it should be a day to celebrate the little things.

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