A trip to a nearby lighthouse leads to some illuminating discoveries

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Conspiracy Nut Stuff Edit

There’s a new lead on Comansys, and you are to head to the abandoned lighthouse on the coast to check it out.

Washed Ashore Edit

Jamie is put out to be running over sand dunes, but Sam sees the bright side - it reminds him of the title sequence of an old TV show he watched as a kid.

Show The Blighters What We're Made Of Edit

Jamie is uncharacteristically upbeat as he continues to reminisce. This is cut short by another load of zoms that are being washed to shore by the tide.

Keep Hobbling Edit

Jamie sprains his ankle, but you and Isabel stabilise him as you continue to run towards the lighthouse. He reminisces about his grandma Victoria.

The Right Thing Edit

Jamie rejoices as he recognises the lighthouse from TV before admitting that he knows he makes Abel’s residents uncomfortable, but Isabel defends him.

Grab It And Get Out Edit

Inside the lighthouse, you discover that Annie Moncriefe, creator of the kids’ TV show, also made the Comansys documentary. You find the tape and make a swift exit.

The Bloodbath Of Balmoral Edit

Isabel confesses she asked Jamie to accompany her to tell him that, through his grandma Victoria, he is the legal King of England.

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