The Plan C escape is on thin ice, literally, as your next flight out of Finland leaves from the middle if a glacier

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Humanity's Last Hope Edit

You watch as your flight back leaves without you - it took off when the alarms sounded. Runner 7 has a new plan, but it's not exactly safe. You'll need to reach a refuelling station in the middle of a glacier.

A Fighting Chance Edit

A large pack of wolves have picked up your scent. Luckily the Wakened Land members have left some snow shoes lying around, which should help with your escape.

Good Motto For Life There Edit

The Minister's soldiers are looking for you in trucks, but you can evade them by crossing a frozen lake. Everyone's roped together with at least one buddy, just in case the ice breaks.

Keep The Pace Up Edit

Ominous cracking noises aside, you make it across the ice to a glacier shelf. You take point as the group moves along the ledge as fast as possible, in single file.

Make Me Proud Edit

You're almost there when the shelf suddenly gives way; Runner 7's fallen and is now stuck in an ice-fall. Janine's determined to rescue him, but he reminds her the mission is more important. Reluctantly, Janine agrees to leave Runner 7 behind, and become leader of Netrophil.

A Word With Mr Sissay Edit

Once everyone is safely on a plane, Amelia reveals she swiped a test tube full of Sigrid's serum. Suddenly the Minister's voice is broadcast through the plane's comms; she now knows who you are, and that Steve Sissay has been lying to her.

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