Amelia certainly doesn’t waste any time; The Ministry of Recovery requests that you scope out Comansys HQ.

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Cast Edit

Sam Yao

Amelia Spens

Paula Cohen


Plot Edit

Cross-Country, Quicktime Edit

Sam begins his usual gate-raising, cover-firing routine. Amelia contemplates whether the process could be automated. Sam is understandably appalled.

The Ministry Will Expect A Full Report Edit

As you’re running across country, Amelia reveals that the Ministry of Recovery has requested you, Paula and Tony specifically to carry out this mission, due to your existing knowledge of Comansys.

That’s Comansys Edit

Sam informs you that Amelia has vacated the comms shack, much to everyone’s relief. Sam mentions the Phantom of Abel; he and Paula laugh as he explains to Tony that it’s probably just people taking stuff without clearing it. You see Comansys looming on the horizon - is that a fairground on the roof?

A Tissue Of Corporate Lies Edit

Paula explains that Comansys used to have a reputation for being a “cool place to work” and wanting to “make the world better” - Sam even had an interview there back in the day. Paula reveals Van Ark used to be obsessed with Comansys before the apocalypse, putting it down to his competitive nature.

Balloon Level...? Edit

Paula and Tony marvel at the weird wonders inside the Comansys building. Sam is puzzled; the building looks brand new, which is strange considering the outbreak happened over a year ago. Paula suggests heading to check out the upper floors.

A Working Carousel…? Edit

You run past stranger and stranger office paraphernalia as you reach the upper floors. Suddenly a timer sounds; it’s Paula’s reminder for her plasmapherisis treatment. Tony makes her feel uncomfortable by probing her about her condition, but this is short lived. You head back to the lift to check out the roof, but the zombies seem to have followed your lead - run for the stairs!

Check The Storage Lockers Edit

Tony has a close shave with a zombie; he’s a bit shocked since he’s used to having his box with him to repel the undead. Sam suggests running to another staircase before the zombies catch up.

Simpsons Corner Shop Rings a Bell Edit

More zombies are heading towards you through the nearby woods, attracted by the sound of Comansys’ rooftop fairground. You buy some time by pushing a giant Pegasus up against the door behind you, This buys you enough time for Paula to notice a pub quiz sign up sheet for the “Simpsons Cornershop Gang”- why would this be here if the Comansys employees hadn’t yet moved in?

Van Ark Was Right Edit

Paula is bemused about the sign up sheet, since the rest of Comansys seems to have been thoroughly cleaned out. Sam acknowledges that the situation may be more serious than originally thought; Simpsons Cornershop was a cover for an underground lab, as you found out last year - a front for a Comansys operation. The third name on the signup sheet is Arthur Gurkhan: Patient Zero. Paula concedes that Van Ark may have been right; Comansys might have caused the apocalypse.

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