It's time to return to Abel, but how you get there is up to you

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Hot-Air Balloon

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

We're Doing It Today Edit

Maxine joins you and Paula on a glass bottomed boat. Albert joins you briefly, but once he’s out of earshot, Maxine tells you that today is the day.

Need To Show You Edit

Albert gives the three of you some space as Paula gets upset about the situation. Maxine takes the opportunity to put her plan into action.

A Plan Edit

Maxine explains she has no intention of staying on the boat and becoming like the rotting Comansys agents. She intends to escape.

Steep Steps Edit

Albert begins to suspect what is going on. Paula knocks him down some stairs and you make your escape before he gets a chance to call for backup.

Take My Oar Edit

Choice: Lifeboat
You find a lifeboat; you’ve not rowed far before Albert catches up. He tries to persuade Maxine to return, but she refuses. You fire a flare at his boat.

A Rough Landing Edit

Choice: Submarine
It’s pretty cramped with three people in a two-person mini submarine. Plus, it doesn’t help that you’re being clawed at by zombies on the outside.

Climb! Edit

Choice: Hot-Air Balloon
Paula prepares a hot air balloon; it takes off without you inside, but you manage to grab a rope just in time.

Long Way Home Edit

You’ve made it to the shore in one piece! Paula realises that when they get back to Abel, Maxine will have to go back into stasis. Albert contacts Maxine on the radio and tells her to stay safe for the sake of human race. Maxine promises to find a cure for the mind control and then cuts off contact with Albert. Paula requests some space on the run back to Abel; this is all the time she and Maxine will have together.

Trivia Edit

The mission is named after a song by Zombina and the Skeletones

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