Today you're heading to a dead-drop in a post-zombie apocalypse graveyard, what could possibly go wrong?

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

A Dead-Drop In A Graveyard Edit

You're out with Peter and Janine today, with Runner 7 as radio operator on a mission to a graveyard. The previous Netrophil leader left a message about the Viking armlet at the grave of Gillian Lynne.

Head For That Bridge Edit

Janine and Peter are running as a pair, so Runner 7 talks to you one-on-one. He confides in you his reason for joining Netrophil, and his plan to make Sigrid pay for all the fallen Netrophil operatives.

Some Were Infected Edit

You meet back up with Janine and Peter to provide another set of eyes. Peter wonders why the conversation needs to be so morbid, but it's unavoidable when there are zoms clawing their way out of a mass grave.

Won't Last Long Edit

Zombies evaded, you turn a corner to find trees where people have decided to end it, before turning grey. Unfortunately they didn't know about destroying the brain, and your presence has woken them up.

Go And Check It Out Edit

Peter's apparent lack of respect for the departed leads Janine into trying to coax the truth from him. Peter avoids the conversation by running over to a different section of the graveyard with you.

Thank You, Peter Edit

Janine catches up and, instead of getting Peter to talk, tells him a story about a man called Simon, who she once cared for a great deal. With a stroke of luck you've also stumbled on Gillian Lynne's grave!

Get To It First Edit

Peter decides he prefers the surname 'Lynne' to 'Necropolis'. The dead-drop message states that the Viking artefact is a key, one which might lead to a cure, so it's vital you get to it first.

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