Dr. Kefilwe Lobatse is a doctor Abel Township called in when Maxine Myers disappeared. She has worked with the Red Cross in many parts of Africa, including Sudan and with AIDS babies in Mozambique. She treated obstetric fistulas in Darfur at the same time Steve was working as a mercenary there. Kefilwe reportedly learned field dressing in Nicaragua. She has a great deal of knowledge about many different topics, including British history and botany. Sam describes her as "more cheerful than any human being ought to be, but she does know her stuff."

Season Three Edit

Dr. Lobatse initially receives a frosty reception from Abel's residents, who resent her for replacing Maxine. When Paula falls into the patch of blue flowers, she finally speaks her mind about disliking Kefilwe. Kefilwe takes their resentment in stride, understanding their reasons.

Dr. Lobatse takes the comms on occasion. Depending on the player's choice, she may do this in "Up," where she guides runners through a floor full of flesh-eating bacteria. She has prior experience with flesh-eating bacteria in East Timor.

Season Four Edit

In S4M3 "Post War Blues," Jody reveals that she and Lobatse are friends and Lobatse confides in her.

Kefilwe and Steve appear to have a brief fling, although Steve is far more interested than Kefilwe. Kefilwe later reveals that she knows Steve was one of the mercenaries in Sudan, where she worked with the Red Cross.

Once Janine retrieves the code for the Z-92 vault, she specifically requests Kefilwe for her experience handling distressing situations.

Season Five Edit

Kefilwe is working in Abel. However, her stubborn refusal to acquiesce to Sigrid makes her a target. Janine and the others try to rescue her, but Kefilwe insists on remaining behind so she can do more good with labs and the other residents of Abel. She is frequently locked in punishment huts and occasionally starved and tortured. This is highly distressing to Steve, who fears he won't be able to maintain his cover as a mole if he's forced to continue torturing Kefilwe.

In Here Comes The Rain Again, Ian reveals that he did some digging and discovered that Kefilwe tortured a warlord in order to find out where he'd taken 40 young girls. The exact torture is not disclosed, but it's described as incredibly painful while causing no lasting damage. Ian then forces Kefilwe to repeat this torture on Steve, who has "confessed" to selling medical supplies to the Girl Guides. Kefilwe refuses at first, but Steve begs her to do it, saying that Ian will just shoot her if she refuses.

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