These zombies seem less bitey than others you've met. Perhaps the answer lies somewhere nearby. This episode takes place 16 months and 9 days after Day Zero.

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Pull The Ladder Up Edit

According to Darren’s map, you should be right on top of... whatever it is that’s marked here. Nadia points out some blue thorned plants - do they ring a bell?

What Was That? Edit

You ascend a rope ladder to find single-story, camouflage treetop base made up of a network of treehouses.

It's Moving Edit

As you head to check out a comms hut, a rope net cuts through the air behind you. Nadia catches sight of something moving, and it doesn’t look human.

Get To The Rope Ladder Edit

Sam identifies a lab in the base, which is abandoned and bloodstained. As you run, a large feline creature pounces and knocks you off the walkway.

ZombieLynx Edit

Nadia attempts to hoist you back up, but her arm gets trapped in snare. You take her gun and shoot the zombie lynx in the chest, but it doesn’t die.

And My Axe Edit

Sam is dumbfounded - animals shouldn’t turn, and you have no idea what might happen if it bites you. You trap the creature temporarily but it won’t hold for long.

And You Are...? Edit

You decapitate the lynx. A voice chimes in to tell you that you’ve just destroyed what could have been the key to understanding immunity. It’s Veronica McShell.

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