Abel doesn't give up on its runners, so prepare for a great escape.



Camera-Free ZoneEdit

The warden taunts you as you jog around the exercise yard. Louise apologises for her botched plan before confirming that she was a prisoner, not a guard, and asking you not to tell Maxine. She describes how the guards have been treating the prisoners like slaves since the outbreak; the warden has a room full of crawlers that she uses to punish the inmates and she picks the prettiest ones to torture in her private chambers. Runner 8 arrives on the scene with a comms widgets - Sam is back in your ear and ready for action.

Let The Cat Out Of The BagEdit

Runner 8 has started a fight in the canteen - this allows you to subtly fit widgets to the prison's primary cameras so Sam can hack the system. As you dodge the cameras, he contemplates the thought of Maxine and Louise together, not seeing them as a particularly good match, unlike the doctor and Paula. His thoughts go off on a tangent about the little things in relationships before he snaps back to reality as you take control of the last camera.

Scared StraightEdit

Maxine steps in as Sam coordinates with Runner 8 and guides you to a switch that releases the locks on all the cells. As you run to the next floor, she recounts the story of how her and Lou first met at a bootcamp for troubled teens in Arizona. Lou was the woman who made Maxine realize she was gay. The doctor's story is cut short as a prison officer spots you as you flip the last switch

Ducks In A TrapEdit

You meet Runner 8, but half the prison is on your tail. Sam explains that this can be used to your advantage; if you run to the outer walls, Louise has highjacked one of the gun emplacements and managed to turn it inwards, so if you can stay covered she can take out your assailants.

Split UpEdit

The Warden orders you to surrender as it looks like you have nowhere left to run. Sam isn't having any of it; he gives Louise her cue and she springs out to shoot your pursuers. Sam initially revels in her success, but it quickly turns sour as he realises that shooting the living is very different to shooting the dead. He advises you to split up as Runner 8 tells him that Louise has more of a chance of picking off the opposition if you divide their forces.

Look AwayEdit

The Warden is drawing closer and it's becoming clear why the inmates called her The Freak. She is hell bent on making you pay and its not going down without a fight. Sam directs you through the infirmary which offers a surfeit of obstacles, but nothing can stop her. Your only option is to head through her crawler-infested torture chamber - you do so successfully with her in pursuit and manage to hit the door lock before she can escape. She begs for mercy, but the crawlers waste no time in locating their next meal. With her final breath, she warns you that there are much worse things than her left in the prison...

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