You don't get 25,000 residents without making a few enemies

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

East Gate Four Edit

Bernard from New Canton demands that Sam diverts you to their gate immediately. A gunman with a grudge is loose in New Canton.

No Time For Dithering Edit

Bernard tosses you a gun and you head towards a civilian shelter within the township’s walls, much to Moonchild’s despair.

Moss Grows Thickest Edit

Moonchild recognises your surroundings and reassures you that her hideout isn’t too far away - time for a change of plan.

Find The Shelter Edit

Jonathan becomes hysterical having caught sight of a zombie with no skin, and slips and falls down a muddy cliff. You can’t just leave him there.

Getting Out Of This Edit

Mrs Sosa confirms that Jonathan wasn’t seeing things, and that the zombies pursuing you have indeed been skinned. She rallies the troops.

Don't Waste The Chance Edit

Moonchild gives an impassioned speech about how Jonathan should embrace his time to die, and rack up some karma in sacrificing himself to save the others.

It'll Warm You Up Edit

You're relieved to finally arrive at Moonchild's shelter. She offers you some ginseng tea to warm you up and offers you shelter for the night.

Trivia Edit

The mission title is a song by Supertramp

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