It's when your enemy stops knocking at your door that you should be most concerned

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

It's A Risk Edit

Janine suspects that Moonchild’s family may be her weak spot, so you must detour to her family home to see what you can find.

Good Luck With That Edit

Sam is surprised to see Simon approach, since he was supposed to be coordinating with Tony’s resistance forces.

Just The Break You Needed Edit

You shelter in an abandoned pub, but zoms surround all overground exists. Simon checks the cellar and discovers an access door down to the sewers.

Fire In The Hole Edit

You help Maxine open an access door in the sewers as Simon chucks a molotov cocktail at the approaching horde.

It Was Only A Matter Of Time Edit

You emerge in a tube tunnel, but Moonchild’s found you and has ordered her mind-controlled zoms to drive a train straight at you.

Leave, Right Now Edit

Simon gets snagged on a sleeper, but you save him. He snaps at Maxine for not helping, pointing out that Paula isn’t much better than him.

Out The Back Edit

Simon breaks down the door of Moonchild’s childhood home. Maxine finds a box of cassettes labelled “dad”, which could be just what you need.

Ditch The Bike Edit

Maxine plays you a tape of Moonchild and her father, who seems to be suffering from depression.

She Has A Weakness Edit

Maxine plays you a tape in which Moonchild seems to be using plant extract to treat her father, but it cuts off as things start to go wrong.

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