Jack and Eugene need your help to track down the elusive girl guides, but just who will end up rescuing whom?



Do The IntroductionsEdit

Jack joins you and Eugene at the gates, mortified to find out he's been roped into another interview. Eugene tries to appease him by telling him how you've 'volunteered' to carry all the gear for their expedition, but Jack is still unhappy. They're heading out to interview the killer Girl Guides, and since you've met them before, Eugene is hoping you can introduce them to each other.

No One Likes To Step On LegoEdit

Jack and Eugene bicker as you run ahead to do a sweep of the area. Sam informs you that you're carrying a copy of the message that Chris - Runner 10 - had you pick up before he passed away. His daughter was on a scouting trip when the outbreak began, so it would be worth checking whether the Girl Guides have any idea of how to reach her.

In Trouble AgainEdit

Eugene spots a campfire pit, so you must be on the right track. Sam gets Jack to check whether the ashes are still warm, and you're in luck! However, as always, this luck is short lived. New Canton's decoy run was not as thorough as Sam was expecting, and a big pack of zoms is heading your way. Just as looks like there's nowhere to run, Charlotte broadcasts a radio message to let you know the Girl Guides have got your back if you just keep running.

Stay SafeEdit

The horde is on your trail, but Posey hacks the transmission, instructing you to steer them to the north-northwest. Jack gives you a rudimentary noisemaker in the shape of a cassette player complete with a tape of farm effects. Best not to ask.

Let 'er RipEdit

The zombies are lured in by your decoy and the Girl Guides prepare to attack. On Charlotte's command, you sprint to get clear of the horde - she warns you that you're about to hear a big bang. Cover your ears and don't look back...

Roger ThatEdit

Jordan confirms that the blast took out eighty percent of the zoms on your tail. Jack and Eugene are in awe of the Girl Guides' explosives and grasp this opportunity to ask them for a chat. Charlotte agrees, arranging to meet you at the closest village.


As Jack and Eugene set up the interview with Charlotte and Posey, Jordan takes you to one side. She believes you owe them Girl Guides a favour, since they've saved your skin twice now. She gives you a set of co-ordinates and you agree to meet there in a couple of days.

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