Even without a will, sometimes there can be a way

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Wind Chimes Edit

Louise leads you all towards the Tavington Clinic in search for the machine that could cure Maxine, but a horde causes you to divert.

Undead Literacy Edit

Paula wants to terminate the mission to save Maxine from the potential control tones, but Maxine refuses.

Backup Generator Edit

Sam is baffled as Louise takes a detour through a nearby art gallery, but it soon becomes clear she has an idea.

Five Minutes Edit

Louise confesses the reason she knows the building so well is because she used to operate as an art thief. She triggers the security system to trap the zoms.

Just Hurry Edit

Sam spots a group of people on long range cams all stop, turn and look towards Abel.

Power It Up Edit

You arrive at the Clinic and search for the machine that could cure Maxine, but Sam is distracted by mysterious crowd on the move towards you.

Meant To Be Broken Edit

Suddenly, control sounds sound out, and Maxine begins to smash the machine.

Trivia Edit

The mission title is named after a song by Manic Street Preachers

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