When one with honeyed words but evil mind persuades the mob, great woes befall the state

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

The Directions Edit

Sam informs you that Holly, the scientist from the Comansys ship, is on her way, who believes she can fix the machine.

River Base Edit

Holly believes you’ve got enough time to start the treatment before the horde descends, but looters may have taken the neural nets essential to the process.

Fifteen Minutes Edit

Holly sedates Maxine; Louise flips the switch and Paula sticks monitors to her scalp. You’ve got 15 minutes to get back with the neural net.

Diana's Dead Edit

Sam gives you the codes to enter the store room, but you make a gruesome discovery; the body of Diana from Comansys.

Maxie Back Edit

Holly raises question of who has been controlling the army if Diana has been dead for weeks; Louise suspects a grass.

Cynthia Hill Edit

Moonchild reluctantly reads out Maxine’s stats. Holly recognises her voice as Cynthia Hill, Head of Research at Comansys. She shoots Holly in the head.

I'm Cured Edit

Moonchild was puppet master to Diana, passing herself off as a follower. Control tones sound, but Maxine is cured, but it looks like she’ll be the last person.

Trivia Edit

The mission is named after a song by Cypress Hill

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