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Scouting Mission



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Escort Valuable Cargo




Sam tells you that you're taking some valuable supplies to Red Settlement today, and introduces your running partner for today: Chris McShell, Runner 10. Sam enthuses about Chris's zombie-killing prowess, which he downplays. Chris then explains that you'll be transporting hard drives full of knowledge - very valuable cargo.

No Worse Than AverageEdit

Sam confirms that the runner from Red Settlement is en route to the rendezvous. Runner 10 expresses worry about the tactic of having runners from both places meet in the middle, as his research shows that zombies can sense when humans are gathering together. He then explains that he left New Canton because they wouldn't let him carry on his research. Chris explains that he has been using his statistics background to analyse zombie movements, before telling the story of losing his family during the outbreak.

Critical MassEdit

Runner 10 notices that the two of you are gathering more zombie attention, and asks Sam exactly what you're carrying. In the manifest is an encryption key, which allows secure communication between settlements. Chris explains that, once a certain number of zombies gathers together, their moaning will attract others. He tells you to keep up the pace, given the number that are already following you.

Time For ScienceEdit

Sam tells Runner 10 that he'll need to use his skills to get rid of the zombies following them before they can make the rendezvous. Chris explains to you that zombies get confused when faced by two equidistant targets and travel along a path between the two, rather than heading for either one. He suggests using this to "funnel" the pack chasing you into a small gap between two buildings.

Making The SwapEdit

Sam is jubilant to see Chris's tactic work, which allowed you to take out the entire pack. Chris demurs, saying that he was just applying science. He then reveals that another reason he left New Canton was because they asked him to use his methods to make zombies attack other humans.


Runner 10's research becomes an important tool in dealing with the fast Zombies.

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