You're pulled every which way to help with the birth and distract zombies, but something doesn't quite feel right

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Avoid The Pregnant Lady Edit

Moonchild's in your head updating you on the situation with the baby and at Abel. She has an idea to help Paula see her child born, but you'll need to be fast.

Before He Kills Her Edit

You run to the overturned van to pick up a bottle of tranquiliser on Moonchild's instruction, then back to Sam and Paula before he can carry out his promise to kill her.

As Much Noise As Possible Edit

You make it in time to inject Paula with tranquiliser, and slow her zombification. Now that's done Moonchild heads off, warning you about concealed Comansys mines on your path. The baby's almost here, but so are some Zoms, so Sam tells you to lead them away.

What the f-? Edit

Leading zombies away goes well until a hidden zom grabs you. Jody still can't send backup due to the problems at Abel. Looks like you're going to be zombie food until you notice this zom's jaw is wired shut?

Got To Go After Him Edit

Sam tries to work out who would wire shut zombies' jaws while Janine and Maxine are more preoccupied with the birth. You don't have to wait long to find out - suddenly Tom's appeared, and he's after the baby!

When It Comes To It Edit

Tom's almost reached the van but you've got the angle on him. You manage to knock him out just as the baby arrives - it's a girl! Now to grab Tom's car to get everyone to safety.

Get My Baby! Edit

Sam, Maxine, Paula and their daughter share a family moment. You make it to the car, but it's been boobytrapped and an explosion knocks you off your feet. Tom's set this whole thing up to take the baby. You have *got* to go and get her.

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