No-one thought they'd ever travel abroad again, but this trip to Finland is for business, not pleasure

Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Run For The Rendezvous Edit

In a plane over Finland you and six of Abel's former residents go over the plan. You'll all parachute from the plane out of sight of the ministry forces stationed here, and Tom will land the plane by remote control.

To The Dog-sleds Edit

Safely on the ground you regroup with Sam, who is very excited to find out that once you reach the rendezvous point you'll be travelling by dog sled.

Bears Edit

At the rendezvous point everyone discusses how strange it is that there are apparently no zombies in Finland. There are still things that might chase you here though, like too-close-for-comfort bears.

Reach The Cover Edit

Running for your life is the same in any country. Tom and Janine set up a supply dump while the rest of you continue on to the cover of a forest, to avoid being seen by Ministry spotters.

Abseil Edit

In the forest, Runner 7 points out where you'll be headed next: a cave hidden in an ice-shelf. You'll have to make it there before sunset though.

Can't Be Spotted Out Here Edit

Things turn a bit serious again as Janine and Runner 7 mention the possibility of this being a one-way trip. If things go badly Amelia's your back-up pilot, because she'd never sacrifice herself over a Viking bracelet!

First For A Thousand Years Edit

It's a long way down into the cave, through what looks like a chute carved into the ice. No-one wants to be first so it looks like you're up, or rather, down!

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