You've definitely had less awkward runs as you head into Dedlock territory with Louise and Paula

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Cast Edit

Plot Edit

Be Careful Edit

You’re heading off to Dedlock territory in hunt of one of Van Ark’s bases. Paula believes this is where he kept his research about Comansys.

Get This Done Fast Edit

Owen is concerned about what might happen if Dedlocks show up, but Paula isn't so concerned.

Already In A Horror Movie Edit

You’ve covered the first quarter and there’s not much to report. Louise spots a face in the bushes, but doubts that it was human.

All Escape Routes Covered Edit

Paula hesitantly asks Louise about Maxine, and the tension between them seems to dispel a little as they talk.

Chase The Phantom Another Day Edit

Louise and Paula’s conversation is cut off by the sound of gunshots - it’s the Dedlocks, and they’ve cut you all off.

Your Old Friend Edit

The Dedlocks have focused on you. Sam’s transmission breaks up, and a gun fires as you hear footsteps approaching; it’s your old friend, Runner 3.

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